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Karosserie Nissan Skyline HT2000 GTR (KPGC10) - ABC-66085

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Karosserie Nissan Skyline HT2000 GTR (KPGC10) - ABC-66085

Lagerstatus: Bis 16.00 Uhr bestellt - Versand noch heute

NISSAN SKYLINE HT2000 GT-R (Hakosuka) / Body Set with Light Buckets
Fr. 55.90


Wheel Base : 260mm


Width : 190mm

Clear lexan body comes with rear wing, perfect light bucket parts, HD decal sheet and masking sheet.

The body and another parts are clear lexan and does not have any paint when you receive. Please use paint that is made for lexan only.

The picture is painted as a sample.

Wheels, LED Lights, Rear view mirror and the muffler of the sample picture are not included.



Produkttyp Karosserie
Best.-Nr. ABC-66085
Hersteller ABC Hobby
Einsatz On-Road
Auswahlhilfe 190mm Touring
Lackierung unlackiert
Massstab 1:10
Marke Nissan
Material Nein