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TRX4 Lichteinheit - DC-50729

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TRX4 Lichteinheit - DC-50729

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    Thank you for buying this light unit, witch it is compatible with 2.4GHZ FUTABA,JR,KO,SANWA,etc.It is one of the most advanced products in the RC market for TRAXXAS TRX4.They are easy to installation, operate, and wireless related control, so it is the first choice for majority of TRX4 fans.For the perfect experience, please refer to the manual.We believe with this light unit, your car will be a wonderful view on the runway.


  • Six port (two LEDs each group):head light,fog light,left&right turning light,backup light,brake light
  • Two extended port(J7/J8):can DIY head light/brake light/width light
  • Six flash mode: Burst flash mode, breathing lights mode, cruise lights mode , always on mode, related mode, neon mode
  • Phisical switching design ,easy to installation and use.
  • Wireless control mode & manual mode
  • scale lights unit makes your truck most likely the real.
  • Material:plastic
  • Color:in picture


  • Headlight:φ5mm LED*2PCS   white
  • Fog light:φ3mm LED*2PCS  Warm-white light
  • Left/right turing light:φ3mm LED*4PCS yellow
  • Backup light:φ3mm*2PCS  white
  • Brake light:φ5mm*2PCS  red
  • Nylon Tie *6PCS;
  • Clip *6PCS;
  • Glue pad *1PCS;
  • mannul *1PSC
  • Control unit*1pcs
  • Accessory pack



  1. Connet one Y-wire with CH1 ST in the receiver
  2. Connect blue-tag wire with one port of the CH1 Y-wire
  3. Connect servo with the other port of the CH1 Y-wire
  4. Connet the other Y-wire with CH2 TH in the receiver
  5. Connect ESC with one port of CH2 TH Y-wire
  6. Connect red-tag to the other port of CH2 TH Y-wire



  • If one turning light always flash,please adjust receiver turning set-up channel till the light off.
  • Left-turning(J1):J1 light flashing;if not, please push DIP switch NO.1 to the opposite side.
  • Head light/fog light(J2/J3):these two light should be high brightness when truck move forward;if not please push DIP switch NO.2 to the opposite side.
  • J7:when DIP switch NO.3 in OFF side,J7=J2,which means you can DIY another head light into head light to make the head light brighter; when DIP switch NO.3 in ON side, J7 light will be always on ,then you can add extra ligth to act as width light
  • J8:when DIP switch NO.4 in OFF side,J8=J6,which means you can DIY another brake light into brake light to make brake light brighter; when DIP switch NO.4 in ON side, J8 light will be always on ,then you can add extra ligth to act as width light


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Best.-Nr. DC-50729
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