CNC Advanced Main Frame Blade 180CFX silber

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1. Description:

1. Description:

- Precision CNC Aluminum, Carbon Fiber and Delrin Main Frame.

- Stainless Steel Cap Screw and Steel High Quality Radial Bearing.

- Optimized for light weight and maximum rigidity, stability and durability.

- Assembly the servos without remove the canopy pin or battery tray easily.

- Compatible and replacement the Stock.

And more this frame will allow you to use full size Flybarless units like the AR7200BX, Mikado V-BAR, SKOOKUM, IKON and Align 3GX.

* This setup require:

1) Micro JST Female To Regular Servo Male Converter (SKU: uJSTF-SM-1).

2) RKH's CNC AL Tail Servo Mount Set (SKU: 180CFX806) to have more space for the connectors.

* Option (not included):

- CNC AL Third Bearing Block Set (SKU: 180CFX423) to increase the stability of the gear transmission.

2. Usage:

- Use for Blade 180 CFX.

3. Weight:

- Stock Frame Set: 24.42(g) = 0.861(oz).

- RKH's Frame Set: 23.27(g) = 0.820(oz). Lighter weight than Stock: 1.15(g) = 0.041(oz).

4. Included:

- CNC AL and Carbon Advanced Main Frame (1set).

* Hardware:

- (SKU: MR74-2) Radial Bearing ( MR74 ) 4x7x2mm (2pcs).

- (SKU: 173505W-10) 1.7x3.5x0.5mm Steel Washer (4pcs).

- (SKU: M1.6x3CS-10) M1.6x3mm Cap Screw (19pcs).

- (SKU: M1.6x4CS-10) M1.6x4mm Cap Screw (8pcs).

- (SKU: M1.6x5CS-10) M1.6x5mm Cap Screw (6pcs).

- (SKU: M1.6x8CS-10) M1.6x8mm Cap Screw (4pcs).

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