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This CA is specifically developed for Today's High RPM Tires and Wheels.

The Glue features thin viscosity, staying liquid for about 5-7 seconds before drying, when it has cured the created bonding will permanently keep your tires glued to your wheels.

CAUTION! Use this or any of the hobby products at your own risk. Especially this version of Glue EXP tire glue includes two stainless extension nozzle and silicon tubes, when its clogged, you may use a lighter to heat up a needle to open back up. USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN YOUR DOING THIS. CAN CAUSE FIRE. CA glue is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE.

Contains specially formulated tire glue in a convenient soft bollte.
No cut, No filler pure Cyanoacrylate (CA)
0.6oz (20g)

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