F1 Ultra Formel 1 1:10 Kit

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Winner of the 2020 Roar Carpet Nationals and 2019 Protoform Cup!

This has been a passion project we’ve been working on for many years and also our very first full kit release! After years of adding innovation to other F1 kits we’ve figured it was time to release our own kit incorporating cutting edge patented chassis technology with high quality components and features you’ve grown to expect from Exotek.  Importantly we didn’t just redesign a 1/12 chassis to be an F1 car, we have designed the F1ULTRA to be an F1 chassis from the ground up. You will appreciate the details we've designed in to maximize rubber tire grip as well as add extra durability that these very unique cars require.

The Exotek F1ULTRA is loaded with high-performance innovations that features;

-Patent pending floating rear pod suspension system. Provides unmatched rear traction needed for rubber tire F1 racing. Because the rear suspension generates so much rear traction you are able to use more aggressive front tires which translates to greatly improved lap times and full race length consistency.

-Extra narrow chassis (only 72mm wide) for improved ground clearance and faster corner speeds

-Ultra smooth sealed micro shocks for maintenance free rear pod tuning and only 3.8gr each including the oil!

-Micro shocks includes 3 tuning spring sets for low, medium and high grip tracks

-Innovative double spring top 'clutch' shock uses an additional internal spring to provide increased forward bite

-Chassis mounted, lightweight rear wing mount. Simple and elegant design that increases the overall rear grip

-Extra long, heavy duty no flex side links. The longest links of any F1 car provides less rear pod angling (less rear bump steer) as the rear tires travel up and down for improved high speed consistency

-One piece, heavy duty, machined alloy rear pod. Provides tweak free racing, extra traction and improved motor cooling

Heavy duty oversized 1/4" rear axle bearings. Much much stronger than typical smaller standard 1/4" pan car bearings.

-One piece heavy duty machined alloy front bulkhead provides rock solid front suspension mounting

-Two piece hybrid chassis is optimized to work on all track conditions including low grip asphalt and high grip black carpet.

-Long and short wheelbase adjustment for large and small tracks.

-Machined alloy precision steering rack and post included

-Easy adjust front camber and caster turnbuckle system means no clumsy 'camber inserts' to deal with for quick and precise adjustments without even the need to remove the body

-6 sided turnbuckles for easier turnbuckle wrench access (uses 4mm wrenches)

-Extra heavy duty 3mm thick front arms for tweak free racing

-Super smooth and lightweight pro ball diff included that uses 1/12th style spur gears and diff parts

-Secure shorty lipo tray with carbon lipo tab for easy lipo access

-Open rear pod design makes for easier tweak free motor wire routing

-High quality premium YFS screws used throughout

-Heavy duty, high visibility, multi element front wing included

-Lightweight, high visibility, high downforce, adjustable rear wing included

-Can be used with aftermarket F1 gear diffs or spools (1/4" axles etc)

The tires, lipo and motor shown are not included.

Compatible with these modern 1/10 F1 race bodies such as Protoform F26, MonTech F18 / F17, Bitty Type-6, Jconcepts J21 etc.











The tires, lipo and motor shown are not included.

Compatible with these modern 1/10 F1 race bodies such as Protoform F26, MonTech F18 / F17, Bitty Type-6, Jconcepts J21 etc.

• 1:10 Scale Electric Motor• Electronic Speed Control• Steering Servo• 3.7v-7.4v LiPo or 6.0v LiFe “Shorty” Battery• Battery Charger• 2-Channel Surface Radio System• 1:10 Scale F1 Wheels and Rubber (or Foam) Tires • 1:10 Scale Polycarbonate F1 Body• Polycarbonate-Specific Spray Paint for Body• Servo Tape (3M brand is best)
• High Grade Machined Hex Wrenches - 1.5, 2.0• Nut Wrench- 5.5, 7.0• 4mm Turnbuckle Wrench• Hobby knife• Calipers or a precision ruler• Silicone glue (goop)• Body Scissors• Reamer/Hole Punch• Long Style Ride Height Gauge• Needle nose pliers

Motor / Antrieb
  • Elektro Brushless-Motor
  • On-Road
  • Geübte Piloten
Exotek Racing
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