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Felge 2.2 - DC-50400

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Felge 2.2 - DC-50400

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New look new level
Fr. 69.90



Born to be beauty

How to make it so perfect

By combining the understanding of design,multiple technological processes,strict quality assurance checks,we think you will be able to see the quality for yourself

What you see is just the look

But the top quality anodizing treatment makes it so beautiful

Perfect accuracy

Constantly making break-through,then create such a delicate wheel within 0.02mm error

Much more close to reality rim,much more perfect



Produkttyp Rad/Reifen
Best.-Nr. DC-50400
Hersteller Team DC
Reifen/Rad-Typ Felgen
Material Gummi
Einsatz Crawler/Scaler
Massstab 1:10
Auswahlhilfe Crawler