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Karosserie Bittydesign Type-6R F1 klar - BDF1-T6R

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Karosserie Bittydesign Type-6R F1 klar - BDF1-T6R

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The TYPE-6R body represent a new reality for drivers all around the world who race at top levels and always pretend to obtain the best result with their models.
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Tested for several months in Italy, both outdoor on different layout included also the ETS track of Riccione and indoor on multiple carpets with different level of grip, the body has undergone many changes required to provide a product that responds better to our handling's expectations on the track.

Modern lines and perfect balance

During the development of the TYPE-6R we had to take care both aesthetically and performance
the result is a body shell with modern forms well-balanced and realistic, the flat underbody not only generates dowforce but it gives still more real look to the shell and favors an excellent overall balance together with a fast enteering that helps you expecially on tarmac surface.

Also the rear end has been carefully realized in order to keep it as low and lean as possible over the engine, once installed the body shell proves to be optimally positioned with respect to the rope lower wing ensuring in this way a perfect aerodynamic air flow to rear.

Product Features

We did not miss any details and accessories, nothing was left to chance. In the package we have included everything.

Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan®

Included a complete kit that contain a white plastic helmet and proper screws for assembly and fix it to the body

Produced only Light Weight version, thickness of material 0,75mm

Sold clear with protective film outside

Included into the package a big decal sheet precut



Produkttyp Karosserie
Best.-Nr. BDF1-T6R
Hersteller Bittydesign
Einsatz On-Road
Auswahlhilfe Formel 1
Lackierung unlackiert
Massstab 1:10
Marke Diverse Marken
Material Nein