MST RMX 3.0 KMW black 1:10 Drift Chassis

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The newly designed frame integrates all MR/RR electric configurations. It is able to change multiple center of gravity distributions under the RMX and RRX structure, and has the diversified handling characteristics of the vehicle. The newly designed spur gear driving gearbox can easily switch the direction of rotation to achieve the requested driving direction of RMX and RRX.

The brand-new integrated design and all upgrade kits are fully included for showing with ultra-high performance!

KMW is a chassis with the latest technology/highest performance/high-standard quality.

- Newly designed lightweight 2.5mm carbon lower deck
- Changeable 6 settingscenter of gravity to motor distribution position position under RMX and RRX configuration
- 3 different center of gravity settings to servo installation positions.
- 3 different center of gravity settings to the battery installation positions.
- Newly designed front head assembly with aluminum steering suspension arm
- Newly designed aluminum short adjustable front suspension arm mount -3.5 - -5.0
- Newly designed aluminum long adjustable rear suspension arm mount +3.5 - +5.0
- Newly designed 3.5mm double-piece vertical carbon upper deck
- Newly designed aluminum upper deck connector with carbon upper deck
- Lightweight carbon front bumper
- Carbon quick-release battery holder
- Aluminum hydraulic shock absorber with CNC machined piston
- Aluminum front head system assembly
- Aluminum 4-section adjustable steering arm system for Ackerman angle changes
- Aluminum ATK knuckle set is adjustable for KPI angle 0/6 degrees. The axle is adjustable 0 / 0.75 / 1.5 towing distance
- The aluminum front upper/lower arm are corresponded to the front large steering
- Aluminum 10-section adjustable upper suspension mount
- The unique design of aluminum quick-adjusting front/rear shock mount
- Newly designed rear spur-gear-driving gearbox
- Aluminum high smooth ball bearing differentials
- Equipped with aluminum MB rear suspension system. Its abundant adjustment mechanismis able to change the vehicle roll force by change center of gravity in the curve to produce rear wheel steering, to increase or decrease the tail slip amount.
- Aluminum 8-stage adjustable servo arm
- Aluminum realistic brake disc caliper set
- Equipped with stealth magnetic body shell post set

Motor / Antrieb:
  • Elektro Brushless-Motor
  • On-Road Drift
  • Geübte Piloten
Max. Geschwindigkeit:
30-40 km/h
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