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RMX EX S PRO is conceived with a racing-grade concept, giving the RMX a completely new control experience. With newly designed front/rear suspensions and newly developed short spring sets, it significantly enhances speed and allows for more stable control during large-angle drifting. Whether entering or exiting corners, it delivers a more comfortable and relaxed handling performance. The all-new redesigned RMX EX S PRO allows players to enjoy the racing-grade performance at an entry-level price.
With a selection of carefully chosen optional performance-enhancing kits, you can achieve an even more precise control feel.

-The newly designed ATK V2 Front steering block is used with a new Ackermann setting that provides aggressive and flexible steering at the beginning of the turn and can handle larger drifting angles in the later stages of the turn capable of stable driving during high-angle drifting.

-The new design THA adjustable short arms are used in the rear with long-type suspension arm mounts to increase rear roll and improve flipping speed and corner exit acceleration.

- All-new designed rear aluminum arm mount -2 paired with newly designed elongated arm mount +12 compatible with +13.
- Free choice of preferred high/low center of gravity control modes:
- High center of gravity mode for aggressive handling.
- Low center of gravity mode for stable handling.
- Equipped with the new-designed rear spur-gear-driving gearbox is switchable for RMX and RRX drive mode.
- Utilizes new gear differentials with #3000 silicone oil for optimal differential performance.
- FRP chassis with 2.0mm thickness maintains moderate rigidity.
- Dual-piece FRP upper deck with 3.5mm thickness enhances chassis rigidity.
- Newly designed front damper stay.
- New designed front upper deck connecting bracket.
- New designed DK-RWD front/rear short spring set.
- Lightweight quick-release battery mount.
- Newly designed lightweight front bumper/rear handle.

RMX EX S PRO Competition-Level RWD Drift Car Kit
1/10 Scaled RC RWD High-Performance Drift Car
Wheelbase: 257mm (adjustable +-3mm)
Hex to Hex Width: F180mm / R172mm
Drive Mode: RWD
Caster: Adjustable 6/8/10/12 degrees
Camber: Adjustable 0 to -12 degrees
Full Ball Bearing
Hydraulic Damper Set

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