MTC2 Kit FWD 1/10 E-TW (ohne Räder)

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Following the successful launch of the MTC2 electric touring car, Mugen Seiki is proud toannounce the MTC2 FWD.  The MTC2 FWD is based off the MTC2 touring car and uses the same high-quality materials and parts.

Ronald Volker was instrumental in the testing and development of the MTC2 FWD.
The MTC2 FWD has a mid-front motor layout and uses a lot of parts from the MTC2
electric touring car.  The focus when designing and testing the MTC2 FWD was to get
the best weight distribution along with reaching the weight limits for this class. 
Another focus was to maximize the number of interchangeable parts from the MTC2 to
the MTC2 FWD.  This is key for racers, hobby shops, and dealers.

Main differences and features for the MTC2 FWD included in the kit:

- Main chassis with multiple flex options as well as spots to mount additional weight
- 1pc upper deck with multiple flex options and possibility to use huge size pinions
- 2pc upper deck as option with possibility to use huge size pinions (also possible to use for TC)
*not included in the kit
- Additional flex posts to be able to stiffen the rear flexibility
- 42g front weight sitting under the front differential
- 85g bumper weight with the possibility to add 3x10g additionally
- Aluminum 20T pulley
- Additional battery mount to use lightweight batterys and still balance the car
- Front body stop to use for FWD bodyshell's
- New 6.0P front shock springs (rear 6.75)

Motor / Antrieb
  • Elektro Brushless-Motor
Mugen Seiki
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