Performa P1 HMX 1/8 Combo 1900 KV, 4S

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RADICAL CONCEPT///Performa is a brand for Elite Racers. Our goal is to produce the best 1/8 controllers and motors, and re-define the racer experience with a radical “next level” controller/motor combo


-It became clear during research and development that making universal controllers for universal motors limits maximum performance, and is not the right way to reach our goal of making radical “next level” controllers and motors for Elite racers. The new Performa HMX Controller features a very innovative type of sensor technology developed for optimal performance when used only with Performa Radical HMX 690 motors. It delivers maximum power and smooth power delivery, radical “next level” performance that goes beyond what a compromised universal system can provide.


-The Performa HMX Controller is designed and manufactured without compromise. Each controller is assembled in Geneva Switzerland, it is a high end unit produced in limited quantities for Elite Racers. The circuit boards are made in one of the most sophisticated factories, every board is scanned using laser analyzing devices for each soldering joint and every component. The all-aluminum case has been designed for minimum footprint and optimized cooling. Performa external capacitors have been chosen to obtain Radical Performance. Featuring 2 boards of 4 Panasonic capacitors to provide radical “next level” performance.


-The Performa Racing HMX 1/8 Combos have been tested for more than two years by our engineering team, and for a year one by David Ronnefalk, IFMAR World Champion. Recently David made a demonstration of the radical performance by winning the famous 2019 DNC race in the USA.


-Note that the Performa HMX Controller analyses if a Performa Radical HMX 690 motor is connected, it will not work with other motors. The Performa Radical HMX 690 motors will work with other controllers, but offer maximum performance only when used with a Performa HMX Controller.


- Performa Radical Sensor System to reduce sensor interference and improve feeling

- World Championship winning motor technology

- Performa Radical Housing - Machined aluminum can with maximum cooling for lowest running temperatures

- 100% sensored mode with advanced technology

- Optimized Hall Sensor System with fail-safe protection to reduce cogging

- Double insulated high temperature winding wires

- High quality Japanese competition bearings

- High-intensity adhesive for optimal winding wire binding to reduce vibration and lower operational temperatures

- 4 pole NdFeB magnets, EH temp resistant up to 210C, with fiberglass vibration protection

- Dual sensor wire port with housing dust covers

- Alloy double anodized multi-color lightweight case with optimized airflow

- Low resistance - Heavy copper soldering tabs for higher power

- Japan high quality silicon steel stator

- Precision dynamically balanced rotor

- Meets all IFMAR/EFRA/ROAR specs for “690” style motors

- Compatible with all ESCs on the market

- Fully rebuildable

- Optional magnets and tuning parts available

Motor / Antrieb
  • Elektro Brushless-Motor
  • Off-Road
  • On-Road
Performa Racing
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