Performa P1 Radical Crawler BL Combo

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Performa P1 Radical Limited Red Rock Edition Crawler Combo

Performa P1 Radical Limited Red Rock Edition Crawler Combo

New from Performa Racing is the ultimate Crawler Combo package that includes the very special "Limited Red Rock Edition" Radical Crawler motor and the new Radical Crawler Controller.

Ready to discover a new crawling experience? New Performa sensor technology and a Crawler Special staggered pole rotor deliver a new level of speed accuracy for uphill, downhill, and super slow crawling conditions. The Radical Technology provides ultra-smooth throttle control without cogging and allows precise deceleration when going down steep inclines.

Included is a waterproof switch and waterproof sensor harness, making the Radical Crawler Combo water friendly so you can enjoy the most extreme new crawling adventures.

The Performa Radical Crawler Controller is set up so it can be used right out of the box. And if you like to experiment and fine tune for ultimate control, 14 parameters can be adjusted using the electronic switch or with an optional Program Box. The Radical Crawler Controller is compatible with other sensored, sensorless, or brushed motors.

Technische Daten

Anschlusstyp: XT60

Anwendung: Crawler

BEC Spannung: 6V

Durchmesser: 35.8mm

Lagerung: Kugellager

Modus: Bremse Vorwärts Rückwärts

Motor: Brushless

Typ: Brushless Sensor

U/Min Volt (KV): 2100KV

Wellen-Durchmesser: 3.17mm

Wellen-Länge: 15mm

Motor / Antrieb
  • Elektro Brushless-Motor
  • Crawler/Scaler
Performa Racing
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