SP-03DV2 Programmable brushless servo (Red)

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The new servo "SP-03DV2" is equipped with a new program on the high-spec servo that has been used by many top drivers so far, and has faster speed, torque, and overwhelming holding power than before. In order to maximize the performance of the brushless motor, which is the key to operation, a new 7.4V power supply is supported. While greatly improving the basic performance, the steering holding power that enhances the sense of stability during cornering has been greatly improved, and the linear feeling while driving is enhanced.
As a drift-only servo, the hunting suppression function that prevents malfunction of the servo is important as well as the basic specifications. This function, which has been popular in the past, is also equipped with the latest program, which makes it possible to use the steering gyro with a higher gain than usual. If you use a dedicated programmer, you can change the performance of the servo body and the hunting suppression level, so you can fine-tune the steering characteristics to your liking.

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