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SSX-8R 1:8 4WD Kit EP (Chassis kit only, no electr - CORALLY-C00130

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SSX-8R 1:8 4WD Kit EP (Chassis kit only, no electr - CORALLY-C00130

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The last few years we have remarked a growing interest by racers to have a more simple car which has almost the same performances as the complicated 1/8 on-road suspension cars.
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With this information on hand our engineers have started the SSX-8 project. The car is designed around simplicity, easy to understand adjustability, 4 wheel drive technology and high track performance. Powered with the VELOX 805 motor and a 4S Li-Po batterypack, the car's laptimes are close to these of the way more complicated suspension cars. Spent your time on driving, not on mechanics...




 3.0mm carbon fibre chassis

 2.5mm carbon fibre front arms

 2.5mm carbon fibre radio plate

 2.0mm carbon fibre body plates

 Adjustable "Ball Type" front steering

 Adjustable front camber & caster

 High strength composite plastic parts

 7075 T6 Alloy bulkheads - front

 7075 T6 Alloy bulkheads - rear

 6065 T6 Alloy wheelspacers - rear

 6065 T6 Alloy body posts

 6065 T6 Alloy servo posts

 6065 T6 Alloy battery posts

 Hardened steel drive shafts

 Ball bearing servo saver

 Adjustable front pivot dampening

 Composite side-links

 CNC Delrin 32DP main gear 60T



Produkttyp RC-Auto
Best.-Nr. CORALLY-C00130
Hersteller Team Corally
Massstab 1:8
Motor / Antrieb Elektro Brushless-Motor
Fertigungsgrad Bausatz
Anspruch Geübte Piloten
Einsatz On-Road
Max. Geschwindigkeit 80-90 km/h