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The Super 16D is the next step up from our DeathStar 16D motors. They feature a smaller factory balanced armature with .490" stack, 60 turn/28 gauge wire and timing is set at 25-30 degrees. They include a tamper resistant seal, which can be removed, but not reused. This makes tech simple, great for handout motor classes. Includes 9 Tooth/48 Pitch Nickel Plated Brass Pinion Gear #520D. All replacement parts are available.

On most Parma Flexi RTR Cars, the 9 Tooth/48 Pitch Motor Pinion Gear is set up with a 31 Tooth Slot Sprocket Spur Gear (#70131) on a 1/8" Axle. To make the car faster a lower tooth Spur Gear should be used, higher tooth count makes it slower. Search the web for more information on changing to a 64 pitch pinion (Press-On Steel or Solder-On Steel, which does not wear like plated brass) and spur gear and the appropriate gear ratios if it is allowed in the classes you race. This may also require a 3/32" axle for best application. FAQ: The difference between the DeathStar 16D and Super 16D is in the armatures. The Super 16D has smaller stack/wire and number of turns of the wire. It is also factory balanced and these differences make it faster than the DeathStar, but the DeathStar is very fast. The next step up from this motor is the Super 16D Rotor Motor (#499) with adjustable timing.

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