TC - Ultra V+ Silikon Kabel - Extrem hochflexibel - Schwarz - 10AWG

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- 2683 / 0.05 Stränge - AD 5.5mm - 1m

Team Corally - UltraV+ silicone wire. The ultimate wire for full race applications. 10 AWG silicone wire with an unbelievable 2683 strands of 0.05, it is so flexible that it feels like soft spaghetti. The highest grade of copper combined with 50% more and thinner strands then any other silicone wire out there, provides more maximum power, lower internal resistance, lower voltage drop. This all resulting in that little more you need to be ahead of your competitor. The pure silicone insulation provide the required softness, flexibility and protection.

- 10 AWG = 5.26mm2
- 2683 strands of 0.05mm
- Outer diameter only 5.5mm
- Custom made in Germany for Team Corally

Team Corally
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