Team Yokomo BD10 Touring Car Kit Alu Chassis

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Alu Chassis Version!

After thoroughly analyzing chassis-motions of a car during driving time which had affected its operability, we laid out a center drive which optimized the balance between the front and the rear regarding the weight and the driving torque.

The overwhelming drivability brought by the optimal combination of roll center, pivot axis, pitching balance, weight distribution and all other values broke the common sense of today's touring cars that tends to be peaky and realized both stability and speed.

This model accelerated a high-traction with the front and rear suspension arms which was extended for 2 mm while having the minimum pitching motion that also heightened the kinematic performance important for accurate cornering, and acquired the controllability throughout the cornering and reduced the burden on the driver.

Caption 1)
It reduced the pitching motion with the front and back isometric belts and realized a high stability in all cornering.

Caption 2)
It has the front and rear suspension arms extended for 2mm each and realized a high performance with a minimal motion.

Caption 3)
The pitching control plate adjusted the rear stiffness and realized the optimum traction balance.

NEW!! Center drive layout
NEW!! Main chassis & Upper deck
NEW!! Aluminum motor mount
NEW!! Long suspension arm(F/R 2mm longer)
NEW!! Aluminum suspension mount(for long suspension arm)
NEW!! Pitching control plate
NEW!! Shock cylinder coating
NEW!! Dual shock O ring
NEW!! Super progressive spring (Front)
NEW!! Center pulley (20T)
NEW!! 4mm Aluminum hex hub
NEW!! AXON Stabilizer wire (F/R)
NEW!! AXON Gear diff axle O ring

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