Team Yokomo BD11 Alu Chassis US Style

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The BD11, the world's fastest-running competition touring car, is now available in a new American-spec chassis kit equipped with a new hard aluminum main chassis.

The 2mm-thick high-strength aluminum main chassis is a solid spec, with no cutting of any parts to reduce weight. The strength of the chassis improves stability and lowers the center of gravity, making it ideal for the ultra high-grip surfaces found in American indoor racing. It optimizes steering response for smooth driving and prevents high-sides caused by overgrip.
The US aluminum chassis version also features suspension tuning to match the rigidity of the main chassis, with 2.1-2.4 progressive springs installed in the front and 1.3mm front and rear sway bars made of a new material. In addition, a new rear belt tensioner has been installed to prevent the belt from jumping teeth during sudden acceleration,
making it possible to be fully prepared for driving on high-grip surfaces.

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