Team Yokomo Super Off-Road SO1.0 2WD Bausatz

This is a highly expandable 2WD off-road vehicle with high performance that competes at the top of the world's races and can be used on a variety of surfaces by reconfiguring its parts.
On dirt surfaces with low grip, it has the perfect balance of good handling
while maintaining rear traction. Two types of gearboxes with different motor positions are included, so the motor position can be changed to suit the road surface conditions and the weight balance can be adjusted.
On high-grip surfaces such as carpet or artificial turf, special springs and
stabilizers prevent roll in corners for quick turnaround. In addition, the
aluminum steering bell crank enhances front ground contact for sharp
handling. The stability of the long wheelbase also reduces the burden on
the driver.
¦ 2WD off-road car for competition use
¦ Includes parts for both dirt and carpet surfaces
¦ Aluminum main chassis with long wheelbase for enhanced stability
¦ Aluminum front suspension mount with adjustable roll center
¦ Aluminum steering bell crank and center link
¦ Aluminum front upper arm mounts
¦ Battery holders to accommodate low-profile to regular short Li-Po batteries
¦ Titanium coated shock shafts
¦ 3mm shaft shock for better response
¦ Front and rear stabilizers are standard.
¦ Sealed gearbox for dustproof operation
¦ Front wing for improved turning performance
¦ J Concept F2 body
¦ Gokuraku wing narrow

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