Team Yokomo YZ-4SF2 4WD Off-Road Buggy Kit


The YZ-4SF, which has been well reputed by many drivers for its high driving performance, has evolved even further! The bulkhead, motor mount, slipper clutch, etc. have been significantly lightened weight, resulting in dramatically improved movement performances. The base ability has improved by polishing the areas that cannot be reached by setting or driving, and the operability is also improved by setting Ackerman ratio.
? Aluminum lightweight front and rear bulkheads
? Aluminum lightweight motor mount
? Lightweight slipper unit
? New designed steering system
? New design front and rear suspension arms
? High durability F3.5mm inner suspension pin adopted
Bush type upper arm pivot (inside)
? Changeable battery positions
? Roll center adjustable bush insert rear hub carrier
? For dirt, and carpet springs / stabilizers are also included

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