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(first Meng Modellship)

Titanic, the romantic marine disaster film, has been a classic for generations, however, probably there are only few people knowing another marine disaster as touching as Titanic in China, that’s the sinking of the steamer Taiping in 1949, which shocked people in Mainland China and Taiwan. Just because it happened in the late period of Chinese Civil War, it somewhat appeared insignificant in the extraordinary year of 1949.
The film THE CROSSING, directed by the world famous director John Woo, is just based on this story. The film is set in the period of Chinese Civil War and the film stars from China, Korea and Japan together performance as three couples of different backgrounds experiencing partings and reunions over half a century in the film. Belief in love, faith and hope is the positive energy which the film advocates! It is the steamer Taiping that connected three couples.
The steamer Taiping is a type of Great Lakes passenger-freight ship made in the American Manitowoc shipyard. It was launched in 1920 with the load of 2050 tons. During the WWII, it was used as the short supply ship for U.S. forces and later sold to Taiping Dock Company as scrap iron. On July 14th 1948, it was rented by Shanghai Zhonglian Company with $7000 per month and changed into a passenger ship with the carrying capacity of 508 passengers travelling between Shanghai and Keelung.  
In fact, there’s no video of the steamer Taiping remained. The steamer Taiping in the film was rebuilt in the original size according to the historical records. Having been exclusively licensed by the film production company Galloping Horse, MENG releases the OS-001 1/150 scale The Crossing plastic model kit and offers its first ship model in the brand-new OS series.
This kit is 535mm in full length, 88mm in width and 208mm in height (from the bottom of the ship to the top of its mast). The magnificence of the ship can be easily realized by pre-colored parts; the model is designed to be cement-free for easy assembly; a lighting system is provided to simulate the scene of the brilliantly illuminated steamer Taiping; the package is uniquely designed as a “book”; stereograms are used to make the instruction manual special and exquisite.
Whether you can build and paint models or not, and whether you own hobby tools or not, you can build the detailed model even only with a side cutter or even a pair of scissors; there is no need to upgrade it, because the lighting system included in the kit will create a brilliantly illuminated steamer Taiping.
Such a different ship model, undoubtedly, will bring you an unprecedented experience.
Now, let’s watch a video to feel the charm of the film and the kit!

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