Upgrade Kit für Tamiya TT02

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Transform your Tamiya TT02 to a race ready touring car with this upgrade kit. Featuring oil filled and o-ring sealed differentials, adjustable suspension mounts to give different degrees of arm sweep, adjustable turnbuckles, and high quality composite suspension arms to give more corner speed!


For: Tamiya TT02

Material: Composite/Aluminum/Steel/Graphite

Color: Black/Silver


TATT-018-3 G45 Steel Diff Outdrive For TATT-S04 (1 pair)

TATT-020 Oil Filled Gear Differential Set For Tamiya TT02 TT01 TATT-S04 (1 pc)

TATT-024 Carbon Front Damper Stay For Tamiya TT02 & TATT-S04 (1 pc)

TATT-025 Carbon Rear Damper Stay For Tamiya TT02 & TATT-S04 (1 pc)

TATT-028 Aluminum 7075 Front Suspension Mount For TATT-S04 (1 pc)

TATT-029 Aluminum 7075 Rear Suspension Mount For TATT-S04 (1 pc)

TATT-031 Carbon Steering Knuckle Plate For TATT-S04 (1 pair)

TATT-033 Aluminum 7075 Down Stop / Droop Plate For TATT-S04 (1 pc)

TATT-034 Anti Roll Bar Set for TATT-S04 (2 pcs)

TATT-049 Aluminum 7075 Solid Axle For Tamiya TT02 & TATT-S04 (1 pc)

TATT-050 Screws & Balls Part Set For TATT-S04 (1 pc)

TATT-051 Suspension Pins Ball Studs and Droop Screws Set (1 pc)

TATT-052 Stainless Steel Turnbuckle set (1 pc)

XP-10606 Strong Composite Suspension Parts: Front Arms x2, Rear Arms x2, C-Hubs x2, Rear Hubs x2, Steering Hub x2 (1 Set)

WA-041 8.0mm Hex Adaptors (4 pcs)

M4 Black Serrated Aluminum Locknuts (4 pcs)


50mm Dampers (E.g. BBG-0050, DBB-2050)

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