Yokomo B-YZ2 DTM3.1 2WD OR Chassis Kit

Die YZ-2 Serie, welche von vielen Piloten für ihre super Gesamtbalance, die hohe Laufleistung, Präzision und Teileversorgung, sowie gute Wartbarkeit gut angenommen wurde, hat sich weiterentwickelt! YZ-2DTM3.1 / CAL3.1 wird auf neue Spezifikationen aktualisiert.

The YZ-2, which has been well received by many users for its high-dimensional total balance, such as high running performance, precision and supply of parts, and good maintainability, has evolved further! YZ-2DTM3.1 / CAL3.1 will be upgraded to new specifications.

With the goal of improving stability in response to speeding up with power sources that are intensifying year by year, the time has been improved by lengthening the chassis, changing the wheelbase in the steering hub carrier, and changing the rigidity balance by reviewing the front and rear parts configuration. We have achieved a total balance that leads to.

The suspension has also been changed to the latest configuration, such as changing to a 3mm shock shaft, and it has been upgraded to a responsive suspension. It is already a model change in anticipation of the 2022 race season, and from the main chassis to the suspension parts, we have achieved a significant evolution that can not fit in the frame of version upgrade.

Motor / Antrieb
  • Elektro Brushless-Motor
  • Off-Road
  • Geübte Piloten
Max. Geschwindigkeit
50-60 km/h
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